Healthy lawn care practices we use
With local cities banning pesticides and many people not wanting to use pesticides it is very important to use Integrated Pest Management.  We are always looking for methods and products that are good for the environment.  Below are some of the practices we use and advocate.

Setting mower height higher, around 3 inches will promote a healthier lawn.  This will discourage the growth of new weeds and will reduce scalping as most lawns have uneven areas.  With more grass blade showing, the lawn will look better.

A program of bagging and mulching is important.  We remove the grass from the property during high growth periods and mulch other times.  The mulching blade chops the grass blades into small pieces which adds nutrient to the soil.  The mulched material helps retain moisture during hot days, keeping the grass greener longer.

Sharp mower blades, give lawns a better look.

Keeping moss under control is a high priority for us.  We work at it throughout the entire season.  With moss under control the lawn is healthier, which in turn helps keep weeds in check.

It is preferred that lawns are watered only twice or during very dry periods three times per week.  If water soaks deep into the soil and watering is done less often, the roots are encouraged to go deep.

Using an adequate amount of fertilizer and applying it regularly, is a big step in keeping lawns healthy and weeds under control.