Pruining Shrubs and Trees
When pruning our customers shrubs and trees, we understand that the main purpose is to make their property look appealing.  With high growth rates in the lowermainland it does not take long before a property can turn into a jungle or unsightly with overgrown plants.  Once plants become to large for their area, it is sometimes difficult to reduce their size enough and still have a good looking, healthy plant.  Therefore we talk to our customers and make a plan specific to each property in order to prune and train their shrubs and trees to look aesthetically pleasing and remain the desired size.  At the same time we are examining the shrubs and trees in order to prune for health reasons.  

We prune back the trees and shrubs to have clearance from buildings, allowing airflow. This is done to avoid moisture problems and prevent damage to surfaces of fences and buildings.

Many of the climbing plants are trimmed biweekly to keep them within their boundaries, looking neat and trim.  We keep these plants such as ivy off of fences and buildings.